Digital intermedia artistic duo [Samir Sayed Abdellattef, Lucrezia Negrini], whose expressive intent draws an embryonic inspiration from the concepts underlying the dense theoretic reflection on the evolution of the landscape – shaped or not by human activity – expressed by the french writer, botanist, entomologist, agronomist, landscape architect and gardener Gilles Clément in his book ‘Manifeste du Tiers Paysage’, crossing the theory of the OOO [Object Oriented Ontology] – a school of thought that rejects the privileging of human existence over the existence of nonhuman objects – principle developed by the philosopher Graham Harman, of which the philosopher Timothy Bloxam Morton in the book ‘Hyperobjects, Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World’ explores the interconnections with his ecological studies.


Although with roots clinging to the context of graphic design, over time my interests have expanded, turning in the direction of the visual arts and allowing interdisciplinary characteristics to be taken on my artistic research path, formed within the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice [IT].
Currently my fields of action are those of visual performance and installation [real time visual performing, vjing, lighting design, stage mapping, projection mapping], creating site specific and site sensitive works using softwares that allow me to create forms of interaction between different types of media.

website: www.sectionplus.net


My approach in the visual arts field is multidisciplinary; studying drawing, then painting and computer graphics, my focus has passionately turned towards photography [analogical & digital] and video [shooting, video editing, vfx].
I developed a strong interest in digital arts, visual performative arts [vjing, videomapping, light design] and installations, where generative design becomes a language through which I explore the ecstatic character of the code.
My research is currently inspired by a wide area of themes: from the phenomenology of perception to the Object Oriented Ontology philosophy, exploring the effects of cognitive feedback [input / output] — between humans, technology and the environment — and the consequent permutation of human processes such as experience, identity, memory.

website: www.lucrezianegrini.wordpress.com