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画素浴 [gasoyoku]




video installation



“[…] genes cannot change over just a few hundred years,
so we live in our modern society with bodies that are still adapted to the natural environment.
inevitably, we are in a state of constant stress and the recent rapid spread of computer technology has made this state of stress even worse.”

miyazaki yoshifumi.

in japan a type of preventive medicine is practiced, born from ancestral intuitions, but now supported by numerous scientific researches that approve its multiple psychophysiological benefits: shinrin-yoku [森林浴, ‘forest bath’]. from the results obtained in a 2019 study, conducted in collaboration by the university of exeter medical school [gb], uppsala university [se] and the university of michigan medical school [us], it would seem that spending at least 120 minutes a week immersed in nature is associated with states of well-being. How do our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems react when immersed daily in real ‘pixel baths’ [gasoyoku, 画素浴]?


adobe after effect


n.1 monitor


画素浴 [gasoyoku] was presented at adiacenze gallery in bologna [it] from october 15th to december 4th 2021 for quatrième paysage‘s first solo exhibition elsewhere here part 2 curated by tist situations and adiacenze.