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multimedia installation


a body of water becomes a screen, a reflective surface whose natural undulations can be exploited to produce a highly immersive environment through projection. here we experience the digital in all its viscosity: a liquid substance, that surrounds us and penetrates us, shapes itself to its container and at the same time acts on us from within. “hyperobjects are thus like our experience of a pool while swimming”, writes philosopher Levi Bryant, “everywhere we are submersed within the pool, everywhere the cool water caresses our body as we move through it, yet we are nonetheless independent of the water. we produce effects in the water like diffraction patterns, causing it to ripple in particular ways, and it produces effects in us, causing our skin to get goosebumps”. digital is so malleable that it crosses space and time: being here, elsewhere and everywhere at the same time, it makes it possible to move to a “here and now” different from the present, thus crumbling our concept of locality and undermining the presumed fixity of objects. the images and sounds that invade the space take us directly to the “elsewhere” of tist, where the artists have sampled the “residual” nature around the industrial warehouse to digitally transport it to the spaces of adiacenze.


adobe premiere; reaper


camera trap; n. 4 mediaplayer; n.3 projectors; n.3 speaker; clear plastic sheets; water.


altrove was presented at adiacenze gallery in bologna [it] from october 15th to december 4th 2021 for quatrième paysage‘s first solo exhibition elsewhere here part 2 curated by tist situations and adiacenze.

curatorial text by giorgia tronconi.

tist – this is so temporary; adiacenze.

juliet art magazineexibart.