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video installation

although the causes are still unclear ━ the various scientific  experiments that have followed one another up to the  present day and carried out in limited and controlled  environments, have achieved partial or not very exhaustive  results ━ social isolation seems to induce significant  neurological and psychological effects on mammals.  the humans, as belonging to this class, are not exempt  from it.

israeli historian yuval noah harari, in a recent interview to  national public radio [us public radio network based in  washington, dc], defines the current pandemic context as  an involuntary “vast social experiment” of global proportions  with unpredictable results.

in_una_stanza fits into this extensive  experimental context in vivo, taking shape through the  semicactivity regime, dictated by the d.p.c.m. on march 8,  2020 [in italy], experienced in a 40 mq apartment.
the digital medium visually and soundly translates the  psychic wandering in the cramped spaces of a two-room  apartment, simulating the wields of a stressed mind and  body due to the partial, but forced, isolation.
space and time  ━ suddenly unstructured, loosened and dilated by the  abrupt change of daily biorhythms, which are regulated by a  global capitalist system that fuels the acceleration of every  aspects of life ━ they fold in on themselves, deconstructing,  recomposing, gaining a new shape.
walls and furnishings  change consistency, losing structural solidity, expanding the  material meshes, allowing a glimpse of the external world.  the sound swells and melts, highlighting the changed  perception of the passage of time.
a rediscovered “empty time” ━ as a counterpoint to today’s frenetic and prevailing  temporal horror vacui ━ which with its qualities is capable of  generating introspection, meditation and creative resilience.

in_una_stanza was presented at adiacenze gallery in bologna [it] from october 15th to december 4th 2021 for quatrième paysage‘s first solo exhibition elsewhere here part 2 curated by tist situations and adiacenze.

curatorial text by giorgia tronconi

tist – this is so temporary; adiacenze.

juliet art magazineexibart.

in_una_stanza was presented at casa punto croce in venice [it] from june 13th-20th 2021 for torquēre collective exhibition, a project curated by silvio saraceno with the support of tobia tomasi.

casa punto croce.