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multimedia installation


lossy stages the digital deterioration of an image of a lifeless bird. its continuous compression [with the “lossy method”, of which the title of the work] reveals the fragmentary nature of the visual material: that apparently flat and uniform continuum that we recognize as an “image” is actually a complex and layered set of discrete data and signals. through a new space-time reversal, quatrième paysage makes manifest what usually happens in the background, “behind the screen”, extending the infinitely fast time of the image compression process to the entire duration of the exhibition. lossy exemplifies the common idea of harman’s object-oriented ontology [ooo] that even what is born as a product of human activity, once introduced into the world, experiences its own life cycle which, as in the case of digital images [or plastic cups] can surpass that of man himself, transforming from a product subordinated to human use into an independent entity.




laptop; monitor 32″; siliceous sand.


lossy was presented at adiacenze gallery in bologna [it] from october 15th to december 4th 2021 for quatrième paysage‘s first solo exhibition elsewhere here part 2 curated by tist situations and adiacenze.

curatorial text by giorgia tronconi.

tist – this is so temporary; adiacenze.

juliet art magazineexibart.