site specific installation


«[…] Deprofundis transforms a marginal territory into an underwater, dreamlike environment, where the concept of nature opens up to the residues of human activity, discovered on site, and welcomes them on a par with living species, creating a sensitive, delicate, ambiguous interconnection.
The role of the visitor himself becomes uncertain: we are invited to cross the structure in the center of the room and to become aware of our work (as humans) but without resorting to the usual mechanism of “ecological” guilt, which here becomes an imposition, arrogant and sterile.
Quatrième Paysage, in fact, proposes an artistic reinterpretation of the Earth-human relationship in an attempt to relocate the human race in the biosphere, depriving it of its privileged status compared to the non-human beings with whom it lives daily. This thought is inspired by the voice of Timothy Morton, an English philosopher who has upset the way of thinking about the environment […]»

Yulia Tikhomirova


4x metal grids 50x50cm ; 2x wind machines ; plastic residues ; black light led stripes ; cables.


deprofundis was presented at Tist – This is so temporary in Rastignano-Bologna [IT] from October 1st-20th 2021 for Quatrième Paysage’ first solo exhibition Elsewhere Here part 1 curated by Tist Situations and Adiacenze

curatorial text by Yulia Tikhomirova

Tist – This is so temporary ; Adiacenze

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