画素浴 [gasoyoku]








Video installation


Although the causes are still unclear ━ the various scientific experiments that have followed one another up to the present day and carried out in limited and controlled environments, have achieved partial or not very exhaustive results ━ social isolation seems to induce significant neurological and psychological effects on mammals. Humans, as belonging to this class, are not exempt from it.


Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari, in a recent interview to National Public Radio [US public radio network based in Washington, DC], defines the current pandemic context as an involuntary “vast social experiment” of global proportions with unpredictable results.


In_una_stanza fits into this extended live experimental context, taking shape in the ‘semi-captivity regime’ imposed by the lockdown, spent in a flat of about 40 square metres. The digital medium visually and soundly translates the psychic wandering in the cramped spaces of a two-room apartment, simulating the wields of a stressed mind and body due to the partial, but forced, isolation.


Space and time ━ suddenly unstructured, loosened and dilated by the abrupt change of daily biorhythms, which are regulated by a global capitalist system that fuels the acceleration of every aspects of life ━ they fold in on themselves, deconstructing, recomposing, gaining a new shape. Walls and furnishings change consistency, losing structural solidity, expanding the material meshes, allowing a glimpse of the external world. The sound swells and melts, highlighting the changed perception of the passage of time. A rediscovered “empty time” ━ as a counterpoint to today’s frenetic and prevailing temporal horror vacui ━ which with its qualities is capable of generating introspection, meditation and creative resilience.



Visual artists

quatrième_paysage [Lucrezia Negrini, Samir Sayed Abdellattef]


Maxon Cinema4D; Adobe After Effects.


Pc/laptop; video projectors/monitors; speakers.


Presented at Adiacenze gallery [Bologna] on the occasion of the quatrième_paysage‘s first solo exhibition entitled Elsewhere part 2 curated by Tist Situations and Adiacenze.

curatorial text: Giorgia Tronconi

press: Tist – This Is So Temporary; Adiacenze.

reviews: Juliet Art Magazine; Exibart.


Presented at Casa Punto Croce [Venezia] on the occasion of the Torquēre collective exhibition, a project curated by Silvio Saraceno with the support of Tobia Tomasi.

press: Casa Punto Croce